Coastal Architecture - Innovative Beach Houses - Sydney, Ulladulla, NSW South Coast, Australia

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Coastal Architecture specialises in designing contemporary houses for coastal and urban locations - beach houses which offer both comfort and inspiration.

Our coastal designs seek to fuse the natural environment and the living areas, ‘bringing the outdoors inside', optimising views and ocean breezes while sheltering from the sun in summer and utilising solar heat in winter.

Coastal living is all about a relaxed lifestyle and our internal designs integrate environmentally friendly open plan schemes and well placed glass windows and doors to deliver exactly that.

In urban situations, Coastal Architecture designs houses which offer retreats from the busy life of town and city living and work. Through our smart designs, urban houses can also enjoy many of the benefits of coastal situations - use of natural light and breezes, solar heat optimisation - while also retaining the privacy that is needed to provide a retreat from the outside world.

New Residences

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